Wheel flange lubrication

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Short curve



Short curve
Following drawing and animation show curve lubrication in case 2.
LOW travel speeds, less than 20 km/h and curve radii less than 50 m, e.g. travelling through a right curve on grooved rails, the actual gauge exactness sidewall as well as the actual inside micrometre sidewall need to be lubricated. Due to the “SPEARWAY” and the AXIAL THRUST FORCE of the at least biaxial bogie or rolling stock. See following drawing.
The flange's gauge exactness sidewalls have the tendency
TO CLIMB during such curve travel. Clearly shown are THOSE gauge exactness sidewalls or inside micrometre sidewalls of the flange WHICH LIE and those WHICH DO NOT LIE on the rails or secondary rail sidewalls.

                                       Drawing                                                                                     Animation

While curve travel
principally only lubricate the flange's gauge exactness sidewalls or inside micrometre sidewalls, which REALLY LIE ON the gauge exactness sidewalls of the rails or the secondary rail. ONLY THEN lubrication is needed and the desired effect – reduction of wear off – is reached.


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