Wheel flange lubrication

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- basic idea: Perfectionate tha vehicle and further, have the possibility, as an adult, to be mobile after a foot injury


- Building time: six months
- Plywood-strenghened fibre-board car body
- Frontwindow made of plexiglass
- Removable Seat
Seat from the "Trabant 500/600" (GDR car)
- The motor is bedded ,rotatable-suspendedly, around the intermediate gear shaft and grinds against the brake pad to avoid

a jumpy start
- Maximum contortion of the powertrain and the fuel tank by 440 degrees in the horizontal possible by using bowden cable

- The cable pull ends as adjustable
bolts are pre-stressed on the pull with double Pertinaxdiscs with pressure springs.
- Bowden cables for the expanding band clutch
Intermediate amplifier for all three Bowden cables (via pull-spring)
- Battery 6V 11Ah (from a
"Simson S50/51")
Battery main switch
- Dim light, indicator and brakelight, one auxiliary head lamp
- Microswitch fort he brakelight at the
foot brake lever
- Seperate ignition coil 6V from the motor scooter
- Battery ignition (an effective ignition spark for the first time)
- An automatic wound coil on a contact breaker blank with a oneway-detection for battery-loading
- Impeller (Aluminium-die moulding) mounted on centrifugal mass
Impeller shell made of steel-sheet for forced air-cooling
as an in-house design.
- Excentric rotating disc on
intermediate gear shaft to trigger a leverage to work
  ⇒ the petrol pump and
  ⇒ the microswitch for the indicator
- The petrol pump is needed, because the filling level in the can is mostly lower than in the carburettor
- Fuel feed:
"intake / outtake flow"



- It is nessary to have a fuel pipe after the surge tank, because the little float needle valve (of the carburetter) can
't withstand
and the carbutter would overflow constantly
- Alignment:
  ⇒ (portable) sheet steel can as a 5L tank
  ⇒ Coarse filter (for this purpose a pair of tights is used as a sieve) in the intake area
  ⇒ Membrane pump (from the
car "Lada")
  ⇒ Flow limitation by using an injector 1,5 mm in diameter
  ⇒ Surge tank as distributor and accumulator
  ⇒ Fuel flows with minimum pressure to the carburetter (MAW built-on bicycle motor) respectively
  ⇒ Fuel flowsalmost with no pressure back to the tank
- Vehicle dimensions: 900 mm wide, 1,100 mm high, 1,600 mm long
- Vehicle dead load: 120 kg ( weight distribution 35/35/50 kg)
- Gross vehicle weight: 200 kg
- Three suspended push-cart wheels
- Trailing load: 50 kg undamped, when necessary to raise the support load
- Rear-view mirror (from the car
"Trabant 500/600")
- Column of the steerable rear in bedded in two Pertinax-shells, cylindical coil spring


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