Wheel flange lubrication

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Unique copy



Self built car
- unique copy – not suitable for reproduction
- self-construction


- passenger car as tricycle, open convertible
- two parts, consisting of:
  ⇒  chassis 1 inch- alternatively 3/4 inch- steel tube, black, coated and
  ⇒ separate, note self-supporting bodywork, coated
- max. speed 5 km/h
- MAW built-on bicycle motor, 49.5 ccm, 1.3 hp at 3,200 rpm
- originally airstream cooled – after reconstruction forced air-cooled cylinder
- chain sprocket gearing, two-staged, conversion to slow position, rollerchain, large crankset/small pinion
- mechanic ignition cut-off
- hub brake of moped SR1 in rear wheel (drum brake, inner shoe brake,
  brake shoes are located inside the brake drum (radial brake))
- inner shoe brake within driven, braking and steerable rear wheel with two-part rim; left part of rim = original compressed
  steel sheet piece, right part of rim=self-constructed incl.cylindric inner brake drum (abrasion on inner surface of drum)
- Mokick Simson S50 horn
- 5 liter fuel tank (conventional sheet steel can)
- fuel mixture: petrol and motor oil 1:25. in form of leaded VK Normal with 79 octane plus mixing oil for two-stroke engines
- start-up of engine:
  ⇒ cold start ⇒ jack rear of vehicle up and turn on with crank handle
  ⇒ warm start ⇒ move vehicle forwards/backwards - a hard push is enough
- two oscillating spring-suspended front wheels, one directly spring-suspended rear wheel
- dimmed headlight, brake light, indicator, fog light

- basic idea, motorised pushchair
- goal: ...driving on narrow garden paths with sharp edged 90° curves,
               reversing and turning on the spot at the end of the garden path must be possible


- building time: 6 month
- two parts, steel tube 3/4 inch and sheet steel body 0.8 mm strong
- seat bench made of sheet plate and two self-constructed seat cushions for two children sitting side by side
- Bowden-cable construction for gas (hand lever at rear) and inner shoe brake (pedal in front)
- two scooter wheels (front) and a pushcart wheel (back)
- Bowden-cable steering of rear wheel by 300 degrees, to change direction, forward and reverse driving of vehicle
- crossed-steering steel-cable, diameter 5 mm, lenght 7m, lubricated with graphite grease

- fuel supply "downdraught": cylindric steel tank, ball valve, downdraught carburettor
- moveable sheet in top plate of vehicle rear for covering of tank lid
- fuel hose (synthetics, transparent) twisted at steering movement




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